Indian nationals arrested at Kathmandu airport with 2 kg gold


Kathmandu, January 3

An Indian national has been arrested at Kathmandu airport with 2 kg of illegal gold.

Police said that Navin Gopi Chand and Bharat Suresh Lal from Maharastra were arrested at the airport after they were found to have hidden 2 kg of gold in their rectum. “We found that they liquified the gold and hid it in their rectum,” said chief customs officer Bishnu Raj Dhakal. “They did that to avoid being detected by the metal detector,” he added.

Nepal has stringent laws in place to protect the local currency when it comes to importing gold. While foreigners are not allowed to import gold into the country, Nepali passport holders can bring in 100 gm of gold, which is also heavily taxed, when they return to the country.

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